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As the asking grows stronger and stronger
so he who asks starts vanishing.
A limit is reached,
a point of evaporation is reached,
where the seeker utterly disappears
and only the asking remains.
This is the very moment of attainment.
Truth is where the I is not –
this experience alone is the divine experience.
Absence of ego is presence of God.


Inside each of us there is a poet,
there is poetry,
but because we live on the surface
these are never born.
Those who go deep
awaken divine love
and this love fills their lives
with music, beauty, peace and poetry


Truth will descend where there is music
so life must be turned into a melody.
Only through music can one reach the truth.
You too have to become music,
the entire life, every little act, has to be turned
into music:
this happens through love.
Whatever is – love it.
Feel love for the whole world.
Feeling love for all with every breath
brings the inner music.
Have you ever seen this happen?
See this,
fill yourself with love and see.


You have only to be silent.
To be silent is everything.
Silence does not mean absence of speech, it means
absence of thoughts.
When the mind quietens down it becomes linked to
the infinite.
Don’t do anything, just sit and watch the flow of
thoughts, just watch.
This just watching dissolves thought by itself.
The awakening of witnessing brings freedom from the
modifications of the mind.
With thoughts finished, consciousness is.
This is Samadhi.


The heart when purified by love turns into a temple.


Two thousand years ago someone asked Christ:
Who can enter the kingdom of heaven
Jesus pointed to a little child and said:
Those whose hearts are as innocent as a child’s.


When the heart is full it pours into the words.


Your letter arrived this morning.
The garland you have weaved
from flowers of love
has a fragrance that I can catch!
And the love-vine you have sown
spreads through my heart!
The tears of your love and joy
bring light and strength to my eyes!
How blissful it all is!
and how to describe the good fortune
of those whose hearts hold nothing but love!
I pray for all to be filled with bliss.
This is my understanding of religion.


What does love want?
Love wants to share with all
the bliss it has.
Love wants to share itself with everyone!
To give of oneself unconditionally – that is love.
The beginning of love is through ONE, the end is
The love that unites you with everything, with
nothing excluded, I call religion, and the love that
stops ANYWHERE I call sin.


It is said that poetry is born out of love
in your letter I saw this happen.
Have you ever listened the inner music?
fill yourself with love and see...
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Rebel Publishing House
  • ISBN: 9788172610135
  • 293 pages
  • Book rating: 4.03 (148 votes)

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