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The Sugar Addiction Solution : Proven Strategies : How To Overcome Sugar Addiction For Life !

Why can’t I resist sugar?

If, like many others, you often ask yourself this question, you may be addicted to sugar. The sweet things you put into your mouth may be what makes you crave more… and more. This straightforward book puts the widespread problem of sugar addiction into clear perspective and points the way to a sugar obsession free life.

The Overcoming Sugar Addiction Guide gives you a full understanding of this debilitating condition: its causes, consequences and physiological underpinnings. Unlike drugs and fad diets with their side effects, infamous failure rates and hidden costs, the program outlined in this book targets the root cause of chronic sugar addiction and arms anyone who is ready to lead a healthy and happy life with the right tools of overcoming sugar addiction.

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  • 27 pages
  • Book rating: 3.7 (3 votes)

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