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Nearly a decade ago, Ja'Quan Jones left attending Morehouse College in Atlanta to pursue a modeling career. The path to fulfilling his dream encountered a detour no sooner than he stepped off the plan in Los Angeles. He spent the next two years helping Rhadric Williams build Scarred Entertainment into a media empire. Life was grand and glamorous, but somewhere along the way Ja'Quan had a change of heart and he returned in stealth back to Atlanta, embarking on a new life. He vowed never to return to Scarred Entertainment. Will his past catch up with him? Ja'Quan finds work at Kore-Tech, a prominent manufacturer in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. An unusual chain of events takes him on a fast track for advancement. He is loved by a few colleagues but scorned by many. Can he withstand the corporate daggers being aimed at his back? Few people have access into Ja'Quan's personal world especially since the death of his closest friend, Deandre "Dre" Farrington, who was shot and killed outside one of his businesses. It has taken Ja'Quan several years to get over it and bring down the barriers that guard his heart. Who will now bring sanity or insanity to it? Only Ja'Quan knows and he's inviting you into it . . .

* This title is an alternate selection with Black Expressions Book Club and a selection of Book of the Month Club2.*
  • Release date: 02.08.2011
  • Author:
  • Publisher: MavLit Publishing
  • ISBN: 9780983115205
  • 260 pages
  • Book rating: 4.09 (11 votes)

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