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Jack W. Plunkett, author and editor of over 30 books, is CEO & Publisher of Plunkett Research, Ltd., a Houston-based provider of award-winning market research and industry information in printed and electronic formats since 1985.

A lifetime fan of books, Jack Plunkett says he always knew he would be involved in writing and publishing:

"When I was a very small boy, I would go on weekly family trips to the local branch library in Dallas where I would check out huge piles of books and plow through them as quickly as I could. Later, when I was a bit older, I would take the public transit on my own to the big downtown main library and spend hours roaming the stacks of reference books, magazines and out-of-town newspapers. I was completely hooked on data of all types by the time I was 13."

The Plunkett Research team focuses on industry trends and statistics analysis, and produces over 18,000 pages of proprietary market research each year. This research empowers strategists at top consultancies, professors at the world's leading schools of business, venture capitalists and financial leaders, as well as executives at the world's top corporations.

Plunkett says:

"The focus of much of our work is to look for synergies among business trends and see how those trends are going to change the world in the near future."

A life-long entrepreneur, he has won numerous awards and was recognized as a finalist in the "Entrepreneur of the Year" competition sponsored by Ernst & Young.

Plunkett is a frequent public speaker and lecturer on university campuses and business events, having recently made speeches in Singapore and New Delhi. He is frequently interviewed as an expert source by publications such as Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Investor's Business Daily; media outlets such as NPR's Marketplace, ABC News and CBS Marketwatch; as well as local and regional newspapers and national columnists. Jack Plunkett is a resident of Houston, Texas.
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Plunkett Research
  • ISBN: 9781593920708
  • 408 pages
  • Book rating: 4 (1 votes)

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