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In `At the End of the Pier' a young playwright and a disenchanted theatre producer find their fates linked in a well-balanced tale of melancholy and horror. The gloomy atmosphere of a summer resort at the end of the season is vividly described with remarkable skill. `An Office in the Grays Inn Road' is also an excellent story, in which a husband's sudden death leads his shocked widow to discover secrets of which she was totally unaware. Mario Guslandi, All Hallows.

In "An Office In The Grays Inn Road," a wonderfully chilling tale of hatred
and attempted redemption beyond the grave, the authors make satisfying a
much used theme that would have flopped in less capable hands. In Joanna
Philips is reflected the grief, doubt, and lethargy that accompanies the
death of a loved one. A recent widow, Joanna is assaulted by an
increasingly venomous spirit, as well as by the terrible knowledge of her
husband’s betrayal. Like many of the other stories, the supernatural
danger is sensed at a distance, hinted at by smell and sound and touch.
The final confrontation ensues with terrible finality. At the end, we see
Joanna still haunted, not by traditional ghost, but by memories.
Transformed by the painful emotional scar of her husbands infidelity,
Joanna has become something of a ghost herself.

"At The End Of The Pier," whisper with unpleasant sureness the unfair and un-predictable nature of both natural life and supernatural possibility. The reader is left wondering if we're not all calling out to a deadly, formless darkness. Yes, victims of jealous ghostly lovers and mythic demons tell us, we call out to the dark. We throw into undefined night our fears and hopes and pain. We call to the dark. And Sometimes, the darkness answers.

William P Simmons
  • Release date: 01.01.2013
  • Author:
  • Publisher: SHORT STORIES
  • 44 pages
  • Book rating: 0.7 (0 votes)

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