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First published in 1960 to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Bill Buckley's brash, consequential magazine of opinion, An Evening with National Review: Some Memorable Articles from the First Five Years is republished, in its exact form, for the enjoyment of today's conservatives, who can see why the great writers who made National Review their journalistic home in the late 1950s — people such as Whittaker Chambers, Russell Kirk, Morrie Ryskind, and many others (including renowned cartoonists C.D. Batchelor and John Kreuttner) — remain worthwhile, entertaining, and timeless.

This collection includes articles written by:

* William F. Buckley Jr. — founder of National Review
* Whittaker Chambers — author of the classic memoir Witness
* Russell Kirk — godfather of the modern conservative movement
* James Jackson Kilpatrick — leading conservative journalist
* Morrie Ryskind — renowned humorist and screenwriter
* Frank S. Meyer — influential conservative thinker and advocate of "fusionism"
* Garry Wills — award-winning author first published in National Review
* Ralph de Toledano — important conservative journalist and music critic
* Dorothy Sayers — best-selling British novelist and essayist
* John Chamberlain — America's premier book reviewer
* James Burnham — preeminent conservative thinker and writer
* Priscilla L. Buckley — National Review's managing editor
  • Release date: 01.09.2010
  • Author:
  • Publisher: National Review Books
  • ISBN: 9780975899847
  • 112 pages
  • Book rating: 3.7 (1 votes)

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